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How can you support the school? 

Hub school 21 is looking for financial and material supports that will allow our project to grow and help our team welcome new students from modest revenue families because you will partially bear the cost of their tuition fees!


School supplies
  • Sheets, stationery, notebooks, paper, diaries

  • Set squares, compasses, rulers, pencil sharpeners, erasers

  • Pencil cases, backpacks, pouches

  • Pencils, markers, stabilizers, markers, pens, felt pen,

  • B,inders, slates

  • Fabric, origami paper, wool, watercolor, oil paint

  • etc ...

Sport, music material and toys
  • Monopoly, Puzzles, Scrabble, …

  • Once upon a time

  • Legos

  • Instruments de musique

  • To practice sports: balls, skipping ropes, cones, table tennis rackets, rollers…

  • etc…

IT equipment
  • Digital tablet, Computer

  • Headphone, Mouse, Keyboard

  • USB keys, SD cards

  • Camera

  • Lego Mindstorms

  • etc…

Office and garden furniture
  • Tables, chairs, shelf, flowers box

  • Copier, printer

  • etc…



To take part in the 21st century education's reinvention while supporting the innovative and constructive approach of Hub School 21

To be notified of the project's progress 

To help the team finance the development of the association

To allow families with a very modest income to enroll their children in Hub School 21

  • ​​Private individuals : donations are eligible for an income tax cut of  66 % of the amount paid, by a maximum of 20% of the taxable income.

  • Companies : donations are eligible for an income tax cut of  60 % of the amount paid, by a maximum of 5/1000 of the annual sales revenue.

       The waybill récépissé eligible to tax cuts will be sent by email.

Don financier

What your donations can finance

Donate 20 €

Two packs of metro tickets for cultural outings

Donate 300 €

Two sessions of signs language with a deaf actor and his interpreter

Donate 30 000 €

Sponsorship of the tuition fees of a child over two years and financing of his trips in France and abroad (learning expedition)

Donate 50 €
WhatsApp Image 2021-06-16 at 22.07.13 (8).jpeg

A subscription to a science magazine in English, Spanish or Chinese for school

Donate 750 €

Robotics workshops with our expert Thierry

Donate 50 000 €

Sponsorship of a child's tuition fees for the duration of college (4 years)

Donate 100 €

Three sessions

with a yoga instructor

Donate 1 000 €
atelier créatif au salon Code &

A travel for two students in order to present robots built and visit a partner school

Donate 150 €

An insect observation workshop at Parc Floral with specialist entomologist François Lasserre

Donate 10 000 €

A sponsorship of a child's tuition fees for one year

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