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A la carte education

The health crisis we are currently going through is creating new needs. Hub School 21 offers an unprecedented modular education based on our experience with children with varied profiles, multiple requests from families who want personalized support for their child and discussions with specialists who follow young people with educational difficulties (psychologists, therapists...).


Hub School 21 offers personalized courses, in a kind and motivating atmosphere, with an adapted schedule to allow children to reconcile personal development and academic success.


Children benefit from working hours arranged over the week or over the year, combining face-to-face and / or distance learning as well as an access to an online platform to the validate prior learning recognized by the National Education. 



Adam had not been going to class for several weeks, he was dropping out of school. Hub School 21 offered him a gradual reintegration path adapted to his profile.


Thus, he takes part in certain face-to-face workshops at school and benefits from regular online coaching. His schedule is adapted to his meeting requirements with the specialists who follow him. Little by little, he regains self-confidence, reinvests his learning and returns to school with serenity.


At the end of the period spent at Hub Schoool 21, he will benefit from a weekly follow-up session for a few weeks.

Academic difficulties 

Leo has seen his grades and his motivation drop in recent months. After several assessments, specialists have identified that Leo has attention and learning disorders.


At Hub School 21, he follows online sessions to re-motivate him. He regains confidence and self-esteem thanks to distance coaching sessions. Léo also takes part in certain school outings in the country side, at companies or in museums according to his availability and desires. 




Emily is American. Her parents moved to France for a few months during the school year for their career.


They therefore educated their daughter at Hub School 21 during their stay. She was able to start her studies in January and will finish it in March of the following year.


She learns French at school while continuing her education in a caring and constructive atmosphere that takes her needs into account. 

Travelling abroad

Sonia is traveling for six months with her family in Europe. Her parents want her to attend school as normal as possible. During her stay, she follows distance learning courses offered by Hub School 21.


Her personalized course includes coaching sessions and access to an online learning validation platform. She can thus benefit from her enriching experience abroad while continuing her education normally. 




Andrea was in a car accident. She must be hospitalized for a few months. Hub School 21 offered her to take online classes while she was hospitalized.


Now, Andréa participates remotely in certain workshops with the other students of Hub School 21 to maintain the link with young people of her age. She benefits from personalized coaching sessions every week and has access to an online platform, recognized by the National Education, to validate her academic skills. 

Arranged schedules

Inès is passionate about athletics and dance. To successfully complete her education and her passion, she must have a suitable schedule adapted to her various sports training and competitions.


Hub School 21 offered her a personalized course so she can get Wednesdays and afternoons off to follow her training.


Its success is all the greater as it combines passion and quality education. 


Personalized options

An adapted schedule

Online tracking

Individualized coaching

Personal development&
A successful education

Contact us to find out more about à la carte schooling and set up a program adapted to your child!


Vif merci à Alexiane Bailly pour les créations graphiques en lien avec la Scolarité à la Carte.

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