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NEWSLETTER #8 - A 100% roving school!

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

2022 is a 100% roving year for Hub School 21 which is now located at the Raiselab, a Parisian incubator where pupils go to school one day per week. The rest of the time they study in available free spaces at other learning locations. Each day of a week equals a different location!

New collaborative projects are in the works with the Station F campus and EuroGroup Consulting company, two major players in creating relationships between start-ups and big companies. Our partnership with Le Centre Culturel Sorano in Vincennes is also becoming stronger.

Meeting rooms and free spaces are available so that the kids can study in a variety of environments, most of which are places of business (incubators, companies, start-ups,...). Our students are in full immersion there, in highly inspiring surroundings!

In this way, we offer an innovative school format that boosts our students' confidence and helps them to become real agents of their learning process.

In addition, we also take them on cultural and natural outings where they can participate in learning experiences: the Suspended Gardens and the media library in Vincennes, the Parc Floral of Paris, "Atelier des Lumières" in Paris 11, Les Invalides, Big 2022 at Hotel Accor Arena, and more.

A 100% roving week!

It's an unprecedented teaching education system that makes "A la carte" learning more practical. By experiencing inspiring places, the students develop strong relationships with all the people there, from employees, and entrepreneurs, to students and volunteers.

This is a win-win strategy which allows older generations to share their skills and talents with younger generations.

Learning at Hub School 21 means being more responsible and managing change-making projects so that the pupils can develop their capacity to be proactive and involved. This fresh vision brings them the motivation they critically need as a generation that tends to lack engagement. Lastly, adults can find more meaning in their professional work and personal life thanks to the opprtunity they are given to share.

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