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Launch of the consulting firm Hub Service 21 🚀

As part of our involvement in the actions of Entreprendre Pour Apprendre, the children and the Hub School 21 team have decided to create a company with a mission: Hub Service 21. This is a consulting firm whose first actions will be oriented around benevolent and respectful communication. The ambition of this project is to reflect on our values, our raison d'être while promoting the development of relational and entrepreneurial skills. The young people thus wish to contribute to creating more human exchanges within families, companies, in the hospital or in the EHPAD and also between the Net surfers. They aim to offer concrete methods to different groups of individuals that would allow them to better understand each other by putting benevolence at the heart of different social interactions.

Hub Service 21 will offer its services on a voluntary basis to local associations chosen by children, which work around humans - Aurore for the homeless and a nursing home in the city of Vincennes -, animals - Chat des rues in Montreuil - and environmental protection - Association pour la Sauvegarde du Bras du Chapitre et de ses Abords, ASBCA!

We are looking for mentor leaders to expose children to the major issues of the mission-oriented society during 2 to 3 sessions of around 30 minutes face-to-face or by video. Gratitude to our mentors already committed to our side, Sébastien founder of Courseur, Pauline of Entreprendre Pour Apprendre, Nicolas of BNP Paribas and Peggy founder of Entre KidsPreneurs... Awareness of the issues of today and tomorrow begins with young people generations! Why not you? To become a mentor, click here! To watch our video , click here!

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