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Godfather / Godmother


We are looking for personalities who are fulfilled with their careers and professions , wish to transmit their passion and to testify on the progress they have  made with its difficulties and successes.

the team
Hub School 21!
  • Come and meet the children, our team and our unique organization in our offices in Vincennes!

  • Come and meet your godchild!

  • Tell him/her about your job, talk about your passions, your background!

  • Listen to their desires and dreams!

Live unique moments with your godchild!
  • Maintain the bond with your godchild by regulary sharing moments with him/her, around lunch for example or by inviting him/her to discover an exhibition!

Taking care of your godchild!
  • Invite your godchild at least once a year to your workplace and/ or to your favorite place!

Come and inspire one of our young people! To become a sponsor of one of our students, contact us or submit your application form and we will get back to you quickly


Marine Barbaud

graphic designer

""I was struck by the uniqueness of each child, their own sensitivity and their personality. I find that the school takes care of that."

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