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Why Hub School 21?


Our society is changing at a tremendous pace

and school are struggling to prepare for this change

School have almost not changed in the last 100 years


of jobs in 2030

do not exist today

Le constat

Uneasiness and exclusion at school keep increasing

France is the leading market for private tutoring in Europe

of school children are found to be anxious at school

of school children feel unappreciated at school

La vision


We, the members of Hub School 21

We train local ambassadors to change

and to built a sustainable world

We know that children learn better when:

  • they are active and involved

  • they do things they like

  • they don't feel judged

  • they can express themselves

We contribute to schools transformation!

We believe that we can rethink schools landscape because new methods have already been successfully tried out across the world

We believe that economic actors and communities have an essential part to play:

  • they are aware of social responsibility

  • they can predict tomorrow’s jobs

  • they have considerable and useful funds

  • they wish to connect with young people and to keep on learning

Our educational pillars to meet the challenges of today’s world

The pleasure of learning
The right heart-body-mind balance
Relational skills

Advice concerning collaborative projects, gratitude, time to build together

Positive psychology

Caring, monitored self-evaluation

Openness to the world

Ties with inhabitants, associations, companies and local authorities

Learning by doing

Collaborative projects, participation to citizen-led initiatives

4 operational levers





Piliers pédagogiques
Excellence académique

Combined with the French academic excellence

Pupils prepare the official French exams: Brevet des Collèges, First Aid training, and some 100% English-language certificates: Cambridge, TOEFL, IELTS...

Most of the teachers hold positions in state schools or in state-contracted private schools.

Experts from the business world and civil society regularly exchange with the pupils to promote learning.

A sophrologist accompanies the team and the children to foster self-confident development.


of success in the Brevet des collèges (equiv GCSE's)


of our students continued the path they wanted after their education at Hub School 21 

A la rencontre des entreprises 3.jpg
lecture-recherche du matin.jpg

We follow the national curriculum and have the same standards, with all the expected competencies validated online. Teachers are present to answer the pupils’ questions.

The internet, social networks, e-learning platforms, robotics and coding allow the children to learn at their own pace by being proactive and responsible in a collaborative way.

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